Marketing Freelancer Samuel Mäder 

I am an online marketing expert with 15 years of experience offering digital marketing for businesses in Switzerland as a freelancer. I take on roles such as freelancer, agency or coach. My expertise ranges from strategy to management and implementation.

Digital Marketing Expert from Switzerland

Create and optimize Google Search and Display campaigns.

Create and run ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Optimization of the website through texts, link structure and link building.

Select photos, write texts and publish articles.

Create, update and optimize websites for better performance.

Collecting customer data through online forms with an incentive.

Create email templates and content and send newsletters.

Write texts and distribute them via blog, social media and PR.

Setup and run personalized marketing activities with CRM.

Online marketing strategy and implementation consulting.

Set the marketing strategy and create the marketing goals and plan.

Specify, assign and review marketing tasks to reach marketing goals.

Samuel Mäder, Digital Marketing Expert

Over the past 15 years, I have accumulated over 30,000 hours of online marketing experience. I have founded several online marketing companies and worked as a partner with Google and Facebook. I studied marketing and management at the University of Bern and St. Gallen, have worked for over 500 companies and hired over 100 employees. Today I work full time as a freelancer and bring my digital marketing know-how to Swiss companies. → LinkedIn profile

These are the advantages I offer you:

Expert know-how
15 years as an online marketer and 5 years in college training my business and marketing expertise.

Full Stack Marketer
I offer all online marketing services, from strategy, to SEO, to online advertising, content marketing and social media.

Flexible scheduling
You can hire me by the hour as needed, so you have an expert on hand when you need him, with no fixed costs.

Monthly Invoice
You receive a monthly invoice with the hours that I have worked for your projects up to your monthly budget.

Companies I have worked for

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My expertise in digital marketing

15 Years Experience
As a marketing expert, I’ve worked for 500+ different companies, learning which strategies work best when.

Startup to Fortune 500
I have managed marketing projects for companies of all sizes and industries and know how to best help in different situations.

Performance Marketing Specialist
I spent most of my time working in performance marketing, learning how Google Ads and Facebook Ads get the best results.

Online Marketing Generalist
I work as a marketing freelancer in all online marketing disciplines, this includes SEO, web design, social media, and content marketing.

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